About the Doctor

Dr. Pranav Shelat is having vast experience of nearly 20 Years in the field of Psychiatry & Deaddiction. He has done M.B.B.S. from Govt. Medical College & New Civil Hospital, Surat, Gujarat, India in May 1997. He has done D.P.M. (Diploma in Psychiatry) from same Institute in Dec. 2000.

He has worked in a Private Psychiatry Hospital from Jan’ 2001 to Jan’ 2005. In Jan’ 2005 he has started his Clinic at Naroda Patiya, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. After 8 Years in Jan’ 2013 he has shifted to New Clinic at Naroda-Himmatnagar Highway, Naroda, A’bad.

He is currently attached to Many hospitals of eastern Ahmedabad. His main area of Interest is Depression, Psycogeriatrics, Deaddiction and Forensic Psychiatry.

He has attended many National and International Conferences during the Past few years. He has done various courses run by Indian Medical Associaton (IMA AKN SINHA Institute)

  1. Geriatric Medicine
  2. Torture Medicine
  3. Environment & Occ.Health
  4. HIV / AIDS
  5. Psychiatry & Sexual Medicine
  6. Medical Negligence & CPA

He was a member of American Geriatrics Society, British Geriatrics Society & Australian Society for Geriatric Medicine during 2003 to 2006. He is a member of Indian Psychiatric Society, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry & Geriatric Society of India.

Dr. Pranav Shelat


Mob : +91 97126 7613 8, +91 94082 8 7613
Landline : 079 – 22810613
(11am to 8pm except Saturday Evening & Sunday)


Psychiatry, Sex Therapy, Deaddiction

General Psychiatry

According to WHO: 350 Million People Worldwide Suffer from Depression. It would be a leading Cause of disability in 2020.

Child Psychiatry

Psychiatry Disorder in Childhood Related with assessment and treatment of Children's Emotional and Behavioral Problem.

Adolescent Psychiatry

Personality Disorder usually begins in Teenage years that causes significant problems in Relationship, Social Activities, Work, and Collages...

Deaddiction Clinic

Addiction Destroy and Ruin Millions of lives and Families, what should you know about them??.. Most commonly use and Abused Drugs is Alcohol.


Neuropsychiatry is a branch of Medicine, that deals with mental disorders Related to the Nervous system.

Sexual Dysfunction

Most common Reason for sexual problems are stress related to depression, anxiety. non-psychological Causes : Drugs Addiction...


Theoretically if any mood state which is negative, anxiety, insomnia, appetite change, emotional disturbance, dependence on substances or any other symptom of thought, mood or sleep persists for more than 2 weeks, you must consult a Psychiatrist. Contrary to this, if any symptoms producing acute distress should not be ignored and discussed with your doctor.

It’s a myth that Psychiatrists prescribe medicines to make patients sleep throughout the day. Also these medicines will develop dependence which patient will never be able to leave. Baring few most of psychiatric medicines are non-sedative.  Irregular treatments, self modulation of doses and following irregular lifestyles may hamper your treatment. Psychiatric medicines taken under supervision of psychiatrist is not addictive.

Social media, online games, gambling, texting – a smartphone has put up on our fingers too many options to explore. Commonly screen time should not be more than 1 hour/Day.

Our use of smartphone is an addictive behaviour & in generations to come this will be for sure a bigger addicted to this than any substance.

There are more than 300 psychiatric diagnosis. As per the severity, available treatment and good rehabilitation of patient they can lead a normal life. Most of the psychiatric illness have no issues in marriage. But if you are suffering from any such illness or your chosen partner is found to be suffering, contact your nearby psychiatrist to understand the viability.

Duration of treatment depends on your diagnosis, severity of illness, total duration of symptoms, co-morbid medical conditions and your compliance, which means regularity in follow-ups and treatment. Don’t judge psychiatric illness as any odd calamity and seek the required help.

“Shock Treatment” is a misnomer. As depicted in movies and media Psychiatrist don’t give electric shocks to patients. There are various neurostimulation methods now available in Psychiatry to increase the improvement rates in illness and get better prognosis in your illness. Brief Pulse Therapy, rTMS, tDCS are various neurostimulation methods to speed up your recovery or attain break through results in severe symptoms.

Yes they are machines running on electricity but don’t provide painful shocks.

Like any illness of body, psychiatric disorders are illness of mind and brain. Stigma and shame should not hamper your choices of living a healthy and happy life. Social perception has changed in recent times and your openness to accept a psychiatric problem will further strengthen the society to fight mental illness.

In my perception people ignoring psychiatric illness can be called crazy not the one meeting a psychiatrist.

More than 75% of sexual problems are because of Psychological stress, performance anxiety or fear of failure in sex. They should be treated only by a qualified psychiatrist. Please stay away from quacks, unqualified or self proclaimed sexologists and even fake Hakims or Babas. Get scientific solutions to your problems.