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Book Name : Highway Psychiatry
Author Name : Dr. Pranav Shelat

Highway Psychiatry is a book about various articles on Psychiatric Disorders. It contains articles on depression schizophrenia mania & many more…

The articles are written in lucid language so that patients and their relatives can understand the disease (every article contains epidemiology diagnosis treatment) & so that understanding becomes very easy for patients and relatives.


Sexologist, Child Psychiatrist, Adult Psychiatrist, Neuro Therapy, Psychiatrist, Drug Addiction

General Psychiatry

According to WHO: 350 Million People Worldwide Suffer from Depression. It would be a leading Cause of disability in 2020.

Child Psychiatry

Psychiatry Disorder in Childhood Related with assessment and treatment of Children's Emotional and Behavioral Problem.

Adolescent Psychiatry

Personality Disorder usually begins in Teenage years that causes significant problems in Relationship, Social Activities, Work, and Collages...

Deaddiction Clinic

Addiction Destroy and Ruin Millions of lives and Families, what should you know about them??.. Most commonly use and Abused Drugs is Alcohol.


Neuropsychiatry is a branch of Medicine, that deals with mental disorders Related to the Nervous system.

Sexual Dysfunction

Most common Reason for sexual problems are stress related to depression, anxiety. non-psychological Causes : Drugs Addiction...


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